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Human Rights Issues

The APF has a strong record in developing programs that bolster the work of our members to address pressing human rights issues in the region.

IssuesDespite advances in recent years, the Asia Pacific continues to face significant human rights challenges. Some issues are specific to individual countries, while others span the region.

This section provides an overview of key human rights issues addressed by the APF.

The APF has a strong record in developing programs and initiatives that bolster the work of national human rights institutions and, from this, deliver improved outcomes for vulnerable individuals and groups.

A number of our programs, such as regional thematic workshops, also engage governments, civil society organisations and human rights defenders on these critical issues.

In 1998, the APF established the Advisory Council of Jurists to provide independent and authoritative legal analysis on key human rights questions.

Comprised of eminent jurists drawn from across the region, it has prepared reports and recommendations on a broad range of issues, including the death penalty, torture, human trafficking, corporate accountability and sexual orientation and gender identity.

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