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Indonesian National Commission on Human Rights Full Member since 1996

Jl. Latuharhary No.4B Menteng,
Jakarta Pusat
P: +62 21 392 5230 F: +62 21 392 5227 W: www.komnasham.go.id


Increase in violations of religious freedom in 2016

10 يناير 2017 أندونيسيا

​Commission will keep fighting for anti-communist purge victims

28 يوليو 2016 أندونيسيا

Komnas HAM to lobby for protection of religious freedom

26 يوليو 2016 أندونيسيا

Government to settle human rights cases in Papua

19 مايو 2016 أندونيسيا
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APF membership

1996 (Founding Member)


The Indonesian National Commission on Human Rights (Komnas HAM) was initially established by Presidential Decree (Decree of the President of the Republic of Indonesia No 50/1993) on 7 June 1993.

In 1999, the legal foundation of the Commission was re-established after legislation passed the Indonesian House of Representatives (Legislation Number 39 of 1999 Concerning Human Rights).

Role and functions

Komnas HAM has a mandate to:

  • Conduct human rights education and disseminate information about human rights at the national and international level
  • Monitor international treaties on human rights that the Commission may propose to the government for their ratification or accession
  • Monitor and investigate the implementation of human rights, and in consequence of which to extend its opinion, consideration and proposal to the related government agencies in order to continuously improve the observance of human rights
  • Cooperate with regional and international agencies for the continuous protection of human rights.

Komnas HAM has a series of sub-committees which focus on human rights education and promotion; law reform and international treaties; human rights monitoring and implementation; and complaints and mediation.


Nur Kholis

Siti Noor Laila
Deputy Chairperson (Internal Relations)

Roichatul Aswidah
Deputy Chairperson (External Relations)

Muhammad Nur Khoiron

Sandrayati Moniaga

Ansori Sinungan

Siane Indriani

Dianto Bachriadi

Professor Hafid Abbas

Otto Nur Abdullah

Natalius Pigai

Imdadun Rahmat

Nahdlatul Ulama


APF 22: Statement by Jull Takaliuang

05 ديسمبر 2017 أندونيسيا

The Work of the Indonesian National Commission on Human Rights

08 نوفمبر 2016 أندونيسيا

Integrating Internal Displacement into the Work of NHRIs: Indonesia

30 سبتمبر 2016 أندونيسيا
المهاجرين واللاجئي

APF 8: Human Rights Protections & National Security, Indonesian National Commission on Human Rights

01 ديسمبر 2015 أندونيسيا
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