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National Human Rights Committee of Qatar Full Member since 2005

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Engaging with the international human rights system

16 Oct 2017 Qatar
Intl. engage

NHRC raises concerns in UN meetings

13 Sep 2017 Qatar
Intl. engage

APF expresses its support for Qatar's NHRI

05 Sep 2017 Qatar

Sanctions are violating human rights, says NHRC

16 Jun 2017 Qatar
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2005 (10th Annual Meeting)


Following the approval of a draft law submitted by the Council of Ministers, the Emir of the State of Qatar issued Decree law No 38 of 2002 on 11 November 2002 which established the National Human Rights Committee of Qatar.

The Committee is a legal entity with an independent budget.

Role and functions

The National Human Rights Committee of Qatar has a wide mandate to protect and promote human rights.

Article 2 of the Decree sets out the Committee's mandate, which gives it responsibility to:

  • Achieve the objectives embodied in international conventions and treaties on human rights to which Qatar is a party
  • Advise concerned bodies in the state on matters related to human rights and freedoms
  • Investigate violations of human rights and freedoms, if any, and suggests suitable means to deal with such violations and avoid their occurrence
  • Monitor records and reports by international organisations and NGOs on the human rights situation in the State, and coordinate with concerned bodies to address them
  • Take part in the preparation of reports submitted by the state on human rights and freedoms
  • Cooperate with international and regional organisations concerned with human rights and freedoms
  • Raise awareness and enrich education on human rights and freedoms.


Dr. Ali Bin Samikh Al-Marri

Dr. Yusof Obaidan

Dr. Aisha Bint Yusof Al-Mannai

Dr. Hamdah Ben Hassan Al-Sulaiti

SH Khalid Ben Jassem Al-Thani

Dr. Mohd. Ben Ghanim Al-Ali

Ms. Nur Bint Abdallah Al-Malki

Dr. Nura Bint Khalifa Turky Al-Subai

Issa Ben Rashid Mohd Al-Kaabi

Lt. Colonel, Abdallah Ben Seqr El-Mhenadi

Salim Ben Rashid Al-Mraiki


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13 Nov 2015 Qatar

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13 Nov 2015 Qatar
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