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New APF course on investigations and complaints handling

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NHRI staff from across the Asia Pacific have begun a new APF online course on complaints handling and human rights investigations.

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National Human Rights Institution (NHRI) staff from across the Asia Pacific have begun a new APF online course on complaints handling and human rights investigations.

Held in the APF Community from 31 January to 25 February, the course aims to strengthen the capability of NHRI staff in effective complaints handling and human rights investigation techniques. 

Investigations are a vital part of the work of nearly all NHRIs across the region. Whether focused on resolving individual complaints or uncovering systemic failings, effective human rights investigations and complaints handling mechanisms uncover the facts and provide pathways to redress and restitution for human rights violations. 

Most NHRIs in the Asia Pacific have mandates to conduct investigations in response to complaints of human rights violations, with some able to initiate their own investigations into situations that raise human rights concerns. 

The complaints that NHRIs receive and the investigations they undertake reflect the diversity of their national settings. Some NHRIs operate in situations of conflict or impunity which means their work often includes investigations into gross violations of human rights. 

“We’re really pleased to be offering a course dedicated to complaints handling and investigations, something that APF members have expressed interest in for some time,” said Kate Turner-Mann, APF Manager of Capacity Development. 

The learning programme will be accompanied by a dedicated course group and weekly live sessions delivered over Zoom and will include an optional two-week extension for those that wish to delve more deeply into the content. 

The optional courses available will include: 

  • A Level 2 course on effective complaints handling
  • A Level 2 course on undertaking effective investigations
  • A Level 3 course on investigation interview practice

The APF also has a range of resources available for NHRIs on complaints handling and investigations, including Undertaking Effective Investigations: A Manual for National Human Rights Institutions and a series of fact sheets which provide advice on integrating good practice into human rights investigations. 

Date: 31 January 2022

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