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New fact sheet series on human rights investigations

الجرافيك NHRI staff work with forensic experts at a grave site

The APF has published a series of 12 plain language fact sheets on how to plan and conduct effective human rights investigations.

Asia Pacific Forum LogoAsia Pacific Forum

How to plan and conduct effective human rights investigations is the focus of a new fact sheet series published by the APF.

The 12 fact sheets examine the key elements of good investigative practice including:

  • Deciding what issues to investigate
  • Planning an investigation
  • Organising and conducting interviews
  • Collecting different types of evidence
  • Preparing an investigation report

The fact sheet series also looks at the steps that national human rights institutions (NHRIs) can take to ensure that gender is considered in all aspects of the investigation.

Effective human rights investigations uncover the facts of a case and provide a pathway to justice, redress and restitution for victims.

Kieren Fitzpatrick ،Director, APF secretariat Asia Pacific Forum Logo

Graphic: An investigator places a firearm in an evidence bag

"As part of their mandate to promote and protect human rights, NHRIs in the Asia Pacific investigate human rights violations by both State and non-State actors," Mr Kieren Fitzpatrick, Director of the APF secretariat, said.

"That's why it is essential that NHRI investigation teams have the knowledge and skills to conduct thorough and impartial investigations."

Mr Fitzpatrick said that effective human rights investigations can deliver justice for victims, promote meaningful changes in law and policy and strengthen the credibility of an NHRI.

"This fact sheet series aims to be a useful reference tool for new investigators as they begin their important and challenging work," he said.

The fact sheets draw on key content in the APF publication, Undertaking Effective Investigations: A Manual for National Human Rights Institutions.

They will be used in APF training courses for staff of our member institutions.

The fact sheet series is available at: https://www.asiapacificforum.net/support/training/investigations/

Date: 10 January 2020

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  1. NHRI staff work with forensic experts at a grave site - National Human Rights Commission of Nepal
  2. An investigator places a firearm in an evidence bag - EUPOL Afghanistan Media, Flickr CC