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Riverine transport to be accessible for people with disabilities

الجرافيك Inauguration of the Sheikh Rasel Art Gallery at the Commission's office

The announcement was made at a workshop organised by the National Human Rights Commission of Bangladesh on the rights of people with disabilities.

The Principal Secretary of Prime Minister declared that upon NHRC's request he had instructed the Shipping Secretary to take immediate action for making riverine transports accessible for PWDs.

The announcement was made during a discussion on "Mainstreaming Persons with Disabilities: Corporate Social Responsibilities", organised by National Human Rights Commission of Bangladesh on 8 September 2018.

Principal Secretary, Md. Nojibur Rahman, Chief Guest at the discussion, was invited to inaugurate the Sheikh Rasel Art Gallery, with artwork painted by the children with autism.

"I am also fascinated to see the humane environment of NHRC office," Md. Nojibur Rahman told the gathering.

And following the request by participants on accessibility in the riverine transport, he responded by saying, "I have just now instructed shipping secretary to take immediate measure for making the riverine transports accessible to people with disabilities."

Following another request from a participant regarding Bangladesh's copyright of Multimedia Talking Bookm Md. Nojibur Rahman said, "I have also instructed the Project Director of A2i, PMO, to immediately take necessary action for the copyright in favor of Bangladesh, as Bangladesh has discovered this talking book for the accessibility of the documents for people with disabilities."

Md. Jillar Rahman, Secretary, Ministry of Social Welfare, attended the program as Special Guest.

"The father of the nation, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, dreamt to build golden Bangla where equity, social justice and human dignity would be established," NHRC Chairperson Kazi Reazul Hoque told the meeting

"Towards achieving this dream, the Hon Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has taken a number of initiatives to promote the rights of vulnerable groups, including people with disabilities," he said.

"If government, corporate bodies and non-government organisations can take steps to promote the rights of people with disabilities then our goal will be achieved."

The discussion was concluded with a cultural program led by children with autism.

Date: 12 September 2018

Source: National Human Rights Commission of Bangladesh

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  1. Inauguration of the Sheikh Rasel Art Gallery at the Commission's office - National Human Rights Commission of Bangladesh