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Graphic: Group of Mongolian herders

National Human Rights Commission of Mongolia Full Member since 2001.

5th Floor,
Government Building XI, Liberty Square
Ulaanbaatar - 38
P: +976 11 262752 F: +976 11 320284 W: en.nhrcm.gov.mn/


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APF membership

2001 (6th Annual Meeting)


The National Human Rights Commission was established under the Law on the National Human Rights Commission of Mongolia, adopted by the State Great Hural (the Parliament) on 7 December 2000.

The Commission commenced operations on 1 February 2001.

Role and functions

The main functions of the Commission are to:

  • Review and process complaints on violations of human rights and freedoms
  • Advise, with recommendations and proposals, on compliance of national legislative acts and administrative decisions with key human rights principles
  • Make suggestions for effective implementation of international human rights covenants and assist the Government in preparing its treaty reports
  • Increase public awareness on laws and international treaties related to human rights
  • Promote human rights education
  • Encourage agreement to and ratification of international human rights treaties.

The Commission's main activities include inquiries and examinations, complaints and research.


Ms Sunjid Dugar
Chief Commissioner

Dr Enkhbold Batzeveg

Dr Narantuya Ganbat

Mr. Khunan Jargalsaikhan

Ms Munkhzul Khurelbaatar

Image credits

  1. Group of Mongolian herders - UN photo; http://bit.ly/1LbxYLl