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Graphic: Two men in Muscat, capital of Oman

Oman Human Rights Commission Associate Member since 2013.

378 Ghala
P: +968 2421 8900 F: +968 2421 8926 W: www.nhrc.om


​Commission releases human rights handbook for workers

11 Jan 2018 Oman

New Chairperson appointed to lead Commission

12 Jul 2017 Oman

NHRC leads Arab Network of NHRIs

12 Oct 2016 Oman
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2013; 18th Annual Meeting


The Oman Human Rights Commission was established by Royal Decree No. 124 / 2008 Concerning the Establishment of a Human Rights Commission outlining its mandates and its scheduled Appendix of the Provisions of the Royal Decrees concerning the Human Rights Commission and its mandate. The Decree establishes the Commission and the appendix includes additional provisions relating to the composition, leadership, tenure, functions and organisational administration.

Objectives and mandate

The Decree specifies that the Commission shall be independent, and that it has been established for the "protection and follow up of human rights and freedom in the Sultanate according to basic statute of the state and the international covenants and agreements".

Its mandate further provides the following additional functions:

  • Monitoring any infringements or transgressions concerning human rights in the country and helping in settling them
  • Providing consultations to the concerned authorities in the country concerning the matters related to human rights and its freedom and participating in preparing reports dealing with these matters
  • Proposing an annual plan including the national procedures necessary for spreading the human rights culture and submitting them to the Cabinet of Ministers for approval. Subsequently, coordinating with the concerned authorities to secure the effectiveness of the implementation of this plan
  • Surveying the remarks of the foreign countries, international organizations and non-governmental organizations working in the human rights field and coordinate with the concerned authorities to check and reply to these remarks
  • To undertake any other issues assigned to the Commission and that fall within its mandate.


Hon. Sheikh Abdullah bin Shuwain bin A'mer Al Hosni

Yusuf bin Abdullah bin Nasser Al Afifi
Deputy Chairperson

Neimah bint Jameel bin Farhan Al Busaidi

Skeikh/ Ali bin Hamad bin Saif Al Kalbani

Is'haq bin Jumaa bin Humoud Al Kharusi

Dr. Hamad bin Hamdan bin Saif Al Rabi'ee

Yahya bin Abdullah bin Mubarak Al Amri

Dr. Hessah bint Abdullah bin Said Al Badi

Dr. Amal bint Mohammed bin Abdullah Al Hashmi

Sheikh Dr. Shihab bin Ahmed bin Ali Al Jabri

Iman bint Mohammed bin Abdulnabi Makki

Mohammed bin Said bin Mohammed Al Hinai

Dr. Nasser bin Saif bin Nasser Al Shamsi

Fahad bin Ahmed bin Hamad Al Jabri

Image credits

  1. Two men in Muscat, capital of Oman - Sylwia Pecio (Flickr); http://bit.ly/1I4HPlA