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APF Facilitators Network

Graphic: Members of the APF Facilitators Network in discussion

The APF Facilitators Network was established following an APF training course – held in Jakarta in December 2017 – to deepen knowledge and skills in adult-centred learning and facilitation among staff of national human rights institutions (NHRIs).

Following the course, participants wanting to join the APF Facilitators Network were required to develop and lead an activity that would strengthen the capacity of staff within their NHRIs to respond to a pressing human rights issue or an area of need.

Graphic: Staff from the Oman Human Rights Commission take part in a workshop

APF facilitators bolster human rights skills

Participants from a recent APF course on adult learning have led a series of engaging training programs for staff within their NHRIs.

Skilled facilitators play a vital role in the work of effective NHRIs, by helping people understand and apply human rights principles in their everyday life and work.


Members of the APF Facilitators Network collaborate online using the APF's learning platform, FUSE. They also attend workshops every 18 months.

They exchange experiences and explore new ways to engage adult learners, as part of their shared commitment to building strong, fair and inclusive communities.

Network members are currently developing the Jakarta Guidelines for Human Rights Facilitators, which sets out core competencies for effective human rights facilitation and includes examples of good practice.

When completed, the Jakarta Guidelines will be translated into a number of local languages for communities across the Asia Pacific.

Members of the APF Facilitators Network, September 2018

The APF Facilitators Network currently includes representatives from 16 APF members: Afghanistan, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Malaysia, Maldives, Mongolia, Nepal, New Zealand, Oman, Palestine, Samoa, Sri Lanka and Thailand.

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  1. Members of the APF Facilitators Network in discussion - APF/Kate Turner-Mann
  2. Members of the APF Facilitators Network, September 2018 - APF