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Senior Executive Officers Network

Graphic: Members of the SEO Network

The Senior Executive Officers Network (SEO) was established in 2002.

It provides an opportunity for the senior management of NHRIs in the Asia Pacific to share information and expertise around organisational policies, management practices, staff development strategies.

It also encourages communication about the APF's regional projects, including staff exchanges, training programs, annual meetings and workshops, and participation in United Nations and other international fora.

SEO Roundtable

Since 2011, the Australian Human Rights Commission has hosted an annual SEO Roundtable.

The informal nature of the annual SEO Roundtable meeting provides participants with an opportunity to discuss the context in which they operate and explore a range of management issues, including:

  • Relationship with Commissioners
  • Strategic leadership
  • Staff development
  • Evaluation techniques
  • Strategic engagement with the APF.

In addition to the annual Roundtable Meetings, the SEO Network has met together at the 12th APF Annual Meeting (2007), the 13th APF Annual Meeting (2008), the 14th APF Annual Meeting (2009) and the 16th Annual Meeting (2011).

Graphic: Group photo of participants at the 2017 SEO Network Meeting

NHRI senior managers share good practice


A series of “operations guides” will be developed by senior managers of NHRIs in the region to share good practice and encourage each other.

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Sharing good practice on monitoring demonstrations and conflict

Representatives of NHRIs shared their experiences of monitoring demonstrations and situations of civil unrest and internal conflict.

SEO Network event

2014 SEO Network Meeting

23 Jun 2014 Australia
SEO Network event

2013 SEO Network Meeting

24 Jun 2013 Australia
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SEO Network event

2012 SEO Network Meeting

24 May 2012 Australia
SEO Network event

2011 SEO Network Meeting

23 Mar 2011 Australia
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