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Training of trainers

Graphic: Participants at workshop for APF Master Trainers

Human rights education is critical to building a human rights culture within a country and an essential part of the work of national human rights institutions (NHRIs).

Across the Asia Pacific, NHRIs develop programs that engage and empower children, young people, adults and communities to identify and address the human rights issues facing them.

Many NHRIs also design and deliver training programmes to support public officials – such as law enforcement agencies, the judiciary, parliamentarians, the military and others – to understand and meet their obligation to respect, protect and fulfil the human rights of those within their jurisdiction.

The APF has established a blended learning training course to support and equip human rights trainers in our member institutions to carry out this important work. It was developed following a comprehensive training needs assessment of APF members in 2010, which noted the "need for a larger number of highly skilled human rights trainers in the Asia Pacific region".

The training of trainers course provides knowledge and skills on the planning, design, delivery and evaluation of human rights training programs.

It combines a four-week online training component with a regional face-to-face workshop, encouraging participants to share strategies for conducting effective human rights training.

Participants who run, evaluate and report back on a human rights training session that they deliver within three months of returning to their respective NHRIs will be accredited as APF Master Trainers and be provided with opportunities to assist in the delivery of future APF training programs.

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Human Rights Education: A Manual for National Human Rights Institutions

This manual provides practical information on planning, developing, implementing and evaluating human rights education programs and campaigns.

Previous courses

2013 Regional Program

Participants from nine APF members completed the four-week online program (April-May 2013), before taking part in a five-day regional workshop in Yangon (3-7 June 2013), hosted by the National Human Rights Commission of Myanmar. The course was jointly facilitated by two APF Master Trainers, who were participants in the 2012 course.

2012 Regional Program

Participants from 16 APF members completed the four-week online program (April 2012), before taking part in a five-day regional workshop in Manila (18-22 June 2012), hosted by the Philippines Commission on Human Rights.


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