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APF Communications Network

Graphic: APF Communications Network - April 2016

The APF Communications Network was established in April 2015 to support the exchange of information, resources and examples of good practice among our members.

The group includes senior staff with wide-ranging professional expertise in human rights education, communications and promotion. All 22 APF members have nominated representatives, as have the national human rights institutions of Iraq and Bahrain.

APF Communications Network members contributed to the development of the APF communications strategy, adopted at the APF's 20th Annual Meeting in August 2015, and will play a key role in its ongoing implementation.

A further goal of the network is to strengthen relationships between group members in order to bolster collaboration between NHRIs and the communications capacity of individual NHRIs.

In April 2016, the National Human Rights Commission of Nepal kindly agreed to host a three-day workshop for members of the APF Communications Network.

Graphic: Participants at the APF Communications Network

APF workshop focuses on storytelling for human rights


The importance of using human stories in campaigns to advocate for legal and social change was the focus of a recent APF communications workshop.

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  1. APF Communications Network - April 2016 - National Human Rights Commission of Nepal