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NHRC calls for cooperation and solidarity in response to COVID-19

Graphic: NHRC Chairperson Dr. Ali Bin Samikh Al Marri

The NHRC said it would carry out regular field visits to designated quarantine spots, places of detention and workers’ accommodation.

The National Human Rights Committee of the State of Qatar expresses its satisfaction with the precautionary measures taken by the State of Qatar to contain the spread of the coronavirus, and stresses the importance of concerted efforts of the Government and all segments of society to accord priority to the right to health for all and ensure respect for human rights without discrimination.

The National Human Rights Committee has followed with interest the extensive precautionary measures being taken by the Government to promote prevention and protect society from possible implication, since the first cases were registered until now.

The NHRC stresses the importance of awareness campaigns by the ministries of health and the interior, and other concerned parties to sensitise the population about the importance of staying home more often and avoiding public gatherings, besides other measures aiming at providing adequate means to contain the spread of this epidemic.

The NHRC urges the competent authorities to move forward with its measures within the framework of supporting response to the coronavirus outbreak in conformity with human rights standards and in a manner commensurate with public health risks.

The NHRC notes that the measures and restrictions taken are exceptional measures justified as reasonable, necessary and proportionate in the light of the present circumstances, while stressing the importance of ensuring access to food, water and basic needs and providing health care and services for all without discrimination, including measures to enhance protection of the most vulnerable groups in this exceptional circumstance, especially for people with chronic health conditions, the elderly and people with disabilities, as well as expatriate workers.

In turn, the NHRC will intensify its work in coordination with the competent bodies, to carry out field visits to designated quarantine spots, places of detention, and workers' accommodation, to ensure compliance with international human rights standards.

At the same time, the NHRC commends community awareness and the wide response of citizens and residents to the precautionary measures and calls for strengthening a spirit of solidarity between civil society institutions, the private sector and other stakeholders, and those involved in awareness-raising activities and preventive efforts.

In conclusion, the NHRC cannot fail to express sincere thanks and gratitude to the medical staff, as well as to the Supreme Committee for Crisis Management and all relevant government officials and civil service employees for their efforts to confront the Coronavirus.

Date: 6 April 2020

Source: National Human Rights Committee of Qatar

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  1. NHRC Chairperson Dr. Ali Bin Samikh Al Marri - NHRC