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Supporting National Human Rights Institutions

We promote the establishment of independent NHRIs in the Asia Pacific and support our members to be as effective as possible.

Independent and effective National Human Rights Institutions (NHRIs) can be powerful agents for change.

By taking action to hold governments to account and protect the rights of vulnerable individuals and groups, NHRIs help to build strong, fair and inclusive communities.

A fundamental goal of the APF is to promote the establishment of independent NHRIs in the Asia Pacific region and to support our members to do their work as effectively as possible.

We do this by providing a comprehensive suite of programs and services, as well as contributing the collective voice of our members to discussion of human rights issues at the regional and international levels.

Supporting the establishment of national human rights institutions

We provide advice and assistance to governments and parliaments so that new NHRIs can comply with the Paris Principles.

Delivering professional capacity development training

We offer a broad range of capacity development programs that help strengthen the capacity of our members to do their vital work.

Supporting members with international accreditation

APF members, along with NHRIs from around the globe, take part in a regular review process by GANHRI to assess compliance with the Paris Principles.

Assisting our members with capacity assessments

The capacity assessment is a forward-looking process that helps identify the current capacities of the NHRI and those that need to be strengthened.

Providing advice and expertise

We provide advice and expertise to our members, as well to governments and civil society organisations in the region.

Supporting regional and international engagement

We contribute the collective voice of our members to discussions of human rights at the regional and international level.

Promoting gender equality

Among the global community of NHRIs, we play a leading role to promote and monitor gender equality.

Supporting effective leadership and governance

We seek to operate according to the highest levels of accountability, efficiency and member participation.

Collaborating and sharing knowledge

One of the great strengths of the APF is the solidarity that exists between our members.