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Malaysian NHRI celebrates SUHAKAM Day 2021

Graphic: SUHAKAM Day 2021 flyer

This year's SUHAKAM Day event focused on the role of NHRIs in realising target 16a of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

The Human Rights Commission of Malaysia (SUHAKAM) held its anniversary celebrations on 9 September, which also coincided with its re-accreditation as an A-status institution with the Global Alliance of National Human Rights Institutions (GANHRI).  

Held annually, this year’s SUHAKAM Day event focused on the role of National Human Rights Institutions (NHRIs) in realising target 16a of the Sustainable Development Goals, which requires the existence of an independent NHRI in compliance with the Paris Principles

It was also an opportunity to discuss and identify steps forward in support of strengthening SUHAKAM’s effectiveness and credibility as an independent NHRI. 

The event included presentations by Tan Sri Othman Hashim, Chairperson of SUHAKAM, Mourad Errarhib, Chair of GANHRI’s Sub-Committee on Accreditation (SCA), and Datuk Godfrey Gregory Joitol, Commissioner at SUHAKAM.  

The APF’s Legal and Policy Manager, Phillip Wardle, took part in a panel discussion alongside representatives from SUHAKAM, the Malaysian Government, and civil society organisations.  

“SUHAKAM has been a valued member of the APF since 2002 and plays an important role as a member of the APF’s decision-making bodies,” Mr Wardle said.  

“Since participating in the APF’s inaugural conference on GANHRI accreditation in Qatar last year, SUHAKAM has taken an innovative and courageous approach to the accreditation process, particularly in terms of engaging with its civil society partners in the lead-up to the accreditation review,” he said. 

“It has been fantastic to see SUHAKAM’s staff and leadership demonstrating such an exceptional commitment to the accreditation process.”  

Mr Wardle also provided an overview of the APF’s work in supporting member institutions with capacity development and professional networking, representing members in global and regional forums, and providing advice and support on GANHRI accreditation.  

The SUHAKAM Day virtual event can be viewed in full here

Date: 24 September 2021 

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  1. SUHAKAM Day 2021 flyer - Human Rights Commission of Malaysia